September 2011

Kicking off October in Seattle with Song

It is a musical week ahead in Seattle, check out a new band or catch up with an old favorite.

The calendar is jammed pack with music as Seattle ushers in the fall season with the beginning of October. Blue October doesn’t appear to be playing in the Seattle area but the Crocodile is hosting Neon Indian on Wednesday (10/5), Fountains of Wayne on Friday (10/7) and Zola Jesus for a wild Saturday night (10/8). If you haven’t heard of Zola Jesus it is worth a bit of research. The electronic-pop star, Nika Roza Danilova, may be tiny but her music is big and is only exponentially growing in popularity around the world. Her work is referred to as a solo project although many string, percussion and other musical specialist have helped out her sound as well.

The Story of Babar will be featured at Benaroya Hall in the heart of Seattle on Saturday (10/8). This performance will feature a read aloud of the oh-so-adored childhood story or Babar the Elephant. This is a perfect event for teaching young ones the joys of classical music and the show is at 11a.m. so there will be no concerns about bedtime. If you don’t have kiddos and aren’t looking to re-ignite your own inner child, the Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances will be playing at Benoroya at 8 p.m.

For Friday consider heading to the Fun House in Seattle for a full line up including the Jacuzzi Boys, TV Gohst, Lovetan and Apollos. It is just $8 to check out a whole host of bands. More great bands will be visiting throughout the weekend. All in all, it is a good looking week ahead for music in Seattle.