April 2011

Accept & Sabaton's North American Tour, El Corazon, Seattle (Part 1)

A night for metal in Seattle

Having been very impressed with the latest albums from both Accept and Sabaton, I was hugely  looking forward to seeing them live for the first time. While Accept are enjoying the second wind brought by Blood of the Nations, Sabaton are reveling in their first taste of North American touring, thanks to Coat of Arms. Aided by three good opening acts and a full, raucous crowd at El Corazon, the legends and the new guard went balls to the wall in Seattle.


Seattle Venues - Skylark Café

West Seattle club books local and touring acts.

As a city large enough to book national touring acts, Seattle has its fair share of huge, well-known venues.  For less well-known local and touring artists, though, you have to do a little looking to find the good spots.  One of these is Skylark Café in West Seattle. 

Although West Seattle may seem like a completely different world to urban Seattle concert-goers, in actuality it’s right off the Delridge Way exit on the West end of the West Seattle bridge—about as convenient as a West Seattle venue could be. 

An Evening With Amon Amarth at Showbox at the Market

On April 20th, 2011, Surtur rose

Norse legends tell of Surtur, the supernatural giant who wields a flaming sword and will cover the Earth in fire when the time of Ragnarök comes. Seattle got a preview, as Sweden's Amon Amarth brought their eighth studio album, Surtur Rising, and a set full of classics, to the Showbox at the Market on April 20th. Yes, it was 4/20, but inside, there was only alcohol, sweat and Viking metal delivered by the finest in the nine worlds.



Fences concert Saturday night is uninspired and entitled




           Christopher Mansfield is Fences, is universes, is whiny, is already entitled (on his first album!)—is pretty damn good. His show in his adopted hometown of Seattle on Saturday night was uninspired; instead, he spent much of the night bitching about how tired he was. So I, like most of the audience, I suppose, spent much of the night wishing I could have seen Mansfield performing a better show, one where it seemed that he cared at least a little more about his fans.

Fences is Chris Mansfield, creates universes


“Christopher Mansfield is Fences. Don’t let the brevity of that sentence deceive you; it contains universes.”

         That’s the first quote on Fences’ home webpage, following immediately after a screenshot of Mansfield appearing to fling feet of tape rolls into the air, and as your move your mouse over the photo, the tape falling all over his bowed head.  The quote appears to be part of an article, but there’s no attribution to any magazine or blog to be found.

Dig That Jazz 2011

A Benefit Concert in the Park

Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park is hosting a concert performed by the world renowned jazz talents of J-Town’s recording artist Deems Tsutakawa and The New Seattle Groove. The concert is Saturday, August 6th, 2011 from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. The wine garden, poured by WineStyles®, opens at 5:00pm. Wine accompanied by a light fare will be provided, and picnic baskets are welcome. All proceeds benefit The Snowman Foundation. For more information, please click here or call (206) 362-5200.