October 2010

Gregg Keplinger, Seattle Based Drummer


Gregg Keplinger is a very dear great friend of mine. I remembered I met him on a warm sunny day in summer 2009 while he was coming over to my ex’s house to do some work on his drum kit before the band’s United States tour. Meeting him for the very first time was a little bit intimidating. Gregg had this strong vibe that was very strikingly attractive. I’ve met many people in my lifetime, but he was certainly one of those people with a strong personality, charisma, and personal charm.

Gregg is a drummer, drum maker, and drum tech from Seattle. He is a jazz lover and plays the drums with so much love, beat, and heart. When he plays, it sounds like a fierce warrior ready to battle it out on the field. He plays so thunderously loud reminding me a lot from the sounds of elephant’s hooves. He had been a drum tech and gone on tours for bands such as Sound Garden and Sunny Day Real Estate. I have gotten to know Gregg for a bit towards the end of summer 2009 before he went on tour with Sunny Day Real Estate. I had also gotten the chance to spend the last few days with the band including Gregg wrapping up their U.S. tour. I have gotten the chance to spend and get to know Gregg more on a personal level. He is also a very funny guy. He would tell me stories of his past relationships, musical career, great people, life, and the list goes on. You know that feeling you get when you can tell your best friend everything? Gregg is one of those good friends that you can fully trust your secrets with and he would not even tell a soul. He may look intimidating at first, but he is just purely a friendly, honest, sweet, passionate, soulful, and loveable guy.



Night Crew Productions and 106.1 KISS FM present: LOVERS PLAYHOUSE


 A Costume party and Halloween costume preview from Lovers.

 Come out and try out all those amazing outfit ideas. Costume Coupons, Prizes and giveaways all night from LOVERS!!

 Hosted by Denise McDonald and Ash Hollywood and their sexy friends!!!

 KISS FRIDAYS with 3 rooms of music and Seattles bigest dance floor there is something for everybody!!

 To reserve a table" e-mail info@trinitynightclub.com or call 206.697.7702

 Main Room: Live broadcast hosted by Tyler with DJ PHASE

 Blue Room: House and breaks with Pressha and AJ Sorbello

 Card Room: DJ KIPPY