June 2009

Bill Callaghan, Triple Door, Saturday 27th June

What are you doing this Saturday? Are you looking for some gravel throated alt.folk? Bill Callaghan, Thom Waits’ Quaalude loving little brother (note to lawyers – this is a metaphor), takes his patented brand of moaning and strumming to the Triple Door on Saturday night. You might well know him better from his former alter-ego, Smog; a couple of years back, he decided to make a change and start writing under his own name.

It hasn’t really changed his style all that much, however. Probably his greatest triumph is taking dark themes – wife beating, rape, depression, and making them sound catchy and light, as if The Modern Lovers were performing a Leadbelly set. With extra handclaps.

He’s touring to help promote the release of his new record, I Wish we were an Eagle, which is perhaps not the most accessible of his records (you might want to check out some of his older Smog stuff, such as Knock Knock), released in April of this year.

Tori Amos at Wamu Theater July 10

Beautiful and outspoken Tori Amos will be bringing her Sinful Attraction tour to Seattle on Friday, July 10. At 8:00, the songstress will be performing at the Wamu Theater. Audiences will get to hear some new gems from Tori’s latest—and tenth—album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

With her trademark bright red hair, funky-chunky jewelry and gothic garb, Tori’s presence alone brings an air of earthy wonder to her shows. Her alternative-rock-meets-folk sound and her bold, inventive songs are what keep fans coming back for more.

Her latest album is filled with both light and deeper tones, containing songs that both lift the spirit as well as those that make one brood in the dark. Ranging from a potential suicide to politics to humor, her topics are as diverse as the styles she incorporates, including a country feel, supernatural vibes and even a bouncy tune to drive to.

Green Day in Seattle July 3

On Friday, July 3—when a lot of us will be off for a big holiday weekend anyway!—the American Idiot kings from Northern California are coming to Seattle. They’ll be at the Key Arena at 8:00.

The concert will be the kickoff of Green Day’s new tour, and following Seattle the band will hit major cities across the U.S and Canada, including Vancouver, Winnipeg, Fargo, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York and twenty-nine other locations.

Then Bille Joe and company will be heading off to Europe to play in Portugal, Germany, Ireland and eleven other countries. The tour will end in November.