September 2008

Bumbershoot sucks, there I said it

I don't know about anyone else but this year's Bumbershoot Festival kind of sucked. I'm not saying the line-up of acts wasn't any good, I was very excited about seeing Lucinda Williams and Beck. They both rocked. And the Stone Temple Pilots gave a very good performance, although they didn't play any new material and that was a bit disappointing. I would have to say that the reason Bumbershoot sucked in my humble opinion is that it no longer feels like the hippie festival it once was. I used to look forward to Labor Day weekend for what seemed like Seattle's own version of Woodstock. But alas, even Woodstock went corporate. That is why I will never return to Bumbershoot. The hippies are gone. The drum circles are gone. The tie-dyed shirts, the beaded necklaces, the hair. Gone. And now, I too will no longer be participating in what was once a very, very cheap way to watch live music.

Glenn Danzig is still alive

Can you believe Glenn Danzig is still touring? It's been many years since I saw Danzig, if I recall correctly it was at the EMP. I can't imagine how he's holding up these days, this guy has been around forever. I remember thinking he was too old then. Has anyone seen him play lately? He was still rocking hard back then, I'm going to try to catch them when they come to the Showbox SoDo on November 8.