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Bumbershoot sucks, there I said it

I don't know about anyone else but this year's Bumbershoot Festival kind of sucked. I'm not saying the line-up of acts wasn't any good, I was very excited about seeing Lucinda Williams and Beck. They both rocked. And the Stone Temple Pilots gave a very good performance, although they didn't play any new material and that was a bit disappointing. I would have to say that the reason Bumbershoot sucked in my humble opinion is that it no longer feels like the hippie festival it once was. I used to look forward to Labor Day weekend for what seemed like Seattle's own version of Woodstock. But alas, even Woodstock went corporate. That is why I will never return to Bumbershoot. The hippies are gone. The drum circles are gone. The tie-dyed shirts, the beaded necklaces, the hair. Gone. And now, I too will no longer be participating in what was once a very, very cheap way to watch live music. What was once a festival for all, is now over-priced, over-hyped, and over-crowded with bland suburbanites and Eastside hipsters. Too bad.