Hot Java Cool Jazz

Five supremely talented high schools. One brilliant show of support.
On March 22, 2013, five of the hottest Seattle-area high school bands will come together and display their chops for one amazing, jazz-filled evening at the Paramount Theater. But don’t take our word for it; come hear them for yourself at Starbucks’ 18th Annual Hot Java Cool Jazz.

Don't miss another night of music

Annie Francoeur's CD release is tonight!
Did site maintenance make you miss a night out for music yesterday? Don't fret. Here's a great show to get you back in the music groove--and just in time. Friday is just around the corner!

Come to the Annie Francoeur CD release with Lady Grace and Justin Froese

Tonight, Thursday 6/21

Two for Tuesday

Two great shows at two great venues

Two for Tuesday

Enjoy today’s two shows for Tuesday!

First, the Scissor Sisters are playing at the Paramount tonight. Come to this all ages show. $31 advanced tickets/$33.25 at the door.


Scissor Sisters

Play at the Paramount tonight

8 p.m. | 6/19

911 Pine Street Seattle 98101


Manic Monday?

Monday night karaoke at the Little Red Hen will ground you!

When it's a bit of a manic Monday, karaoke night at the Little Red Hen on Woodlawn Avenue is just the ticket to ground yourself and get in sync for the week. Some people don't like sardine can atmosphere that the karaoke crowd can bring on Wednesday night. That's why Monday nights are best. The crowd's a bit smaller. The opportunity to conversate with the chap sitting next to you is more likely.

Patrick Watson

Columbia City Theatre

If you haven't had an opportunity to see Patrick Watson live, here's your chance! Tonight at 7:30, Patrick will perform music from the release. Columbia City Theatre provides the ambiance, neighboring eateries provide the food and Patrick Watson delivers the music for a mid-week escape from hectic week blues.

Patrick Watson

Two for Tuesday

It’s two for Tuesday. Two shows. FREE + FREE (because payday is a few days away).

Dear Tuesday, You’ve taken us a little too far beyond the weekend. We wake up happy to have made it through Monday. But, alas, we think back to last weekend’s shows and begin to dread having to make it all the way to Friday before our next round of R&R, music and dance. We’re begging you. Help us mix it up! Can’t you spare a few music venues to spice up the impending mid-week blues?

You can? Wow! Thanks!

Yes folks, It’s two for Tuesday. Two shows. FREE + FREE (because payday is a few days away). Two genres. Two reasons to welcome this new week and all of its glory.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the shows.


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