Jurado to play album release concert at Neptune

Jurado to play album release concert at Neptune


In Seattle there has been great anticipation for Damien Jurado’s twelfth album entitled Maraqopa, scheduled to be released this month, February 21st. Jurado will perform the first record release show in the University District on Tuesday the 21st at the Neptune Theater, along with artists Gold Leaves and Bryan John Appleby.

Jurado is considered to be one of Seattle’s best folk-rock singers/song writers and has established a strong cult like following since he began his work in Seattle in the mid 1990s.


It has been stated that Seattle’s major music movements this year will be seen in both the folky rock genre as well as a spacey hip hop style that’s beginning to emerge. Jurado’s newest album is said to incorporate both and has a twinge of psychedelia, which can be especially pronounced in the album’s single “Nothing is the News”. Listeners will quickly pick up on the electric guitar solos that set a sort of LSD tone. 


However, despite the album’s tripy-esque sounds, it remains a calm and comfortable set, like Jurado’s previous works. Jurado’s tenor voice, although at times reminiscent of Neil Young, is what brings each song to life, even if the harmony and lyrics are venturing into the peculiar. The album has been meticulously assembled in order to create the relaxing, yet not quite lazy, mood Jurado intended for his audience.


Jurado is on a role as this is said to be his second best set of songs since he released “Saint Bartlett” in 2010 with Oregon producer Richard Swift. The sheer quality and assemblage of songs on Maraqopa, illustrates the relationship between Jurado and his producer Swift. The cool and calming delivering of each song on the album is a statement in itself about the musical team these two have built with one another.